Today’s Life Style

Today our present life style has a rapid change from 19 th to earlier centuries. Our development towards every field has brought an impact to our world. In olden days, womens followed a very customized system, they were not allowed to move outside their houses , they felt that they were fully closed to the environment.

Men’s were the rulers of those times. They wanted women to work underneath them. Men’s passion was only to work underneath them. Men’s passion was only to work for the welfare of the family. But today everything has reversed. Our way of living i.e. our education , food, culture , technology etc. Everything is has become advanced. Women tend to prove that they are always equal to men.

Their each and every aspects has been rapidly changing now-a-days new rules, leader, politics has made the people to think and fight for their living. Women achieves day by day are still succeeding in their own life. In olden days people, take a lot of difficulties to give their child with good education , but now each and every person is an literate. Men are the most successful achieves and goal seekers
who had build up this form of life. We do no tend to feel even for minute things because everything is available to us without any difficulties. To live a life is always competative in order to achieve something.

To give a very best example about today’s life style, we could move more deeper on their food habits. In earlier days diseases were mostly are among the common people because they were more healthier and they had a vast control on their foods. Which they consume, apart from this our today’s life shows an identity about ourselves. It sets a mark toward each and every field.

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