Traditional Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding is the ritual of making two persons to lead their life together throughout their existence. It is not only bonding two people but also bonding two families. There are several steps involved in traditional marriage but their will be a slight changes in different religions. The marriage will take place nearly two days.

* The astrologer fix the date and time of the marriage because some days are not permitted for wedding.

* On the day of marriage the bride is suppose to take head bath using Acacia concinna(shikakai) which is a paste made from herbal, this indicates that after the marriage the girl belongs to the grooms family.

* After the prayer complete, at the entrance of the mandabam(mall) the bride’s father washes the groom’s leg with little water and kunkumam will be placed on his forehead. Now the groom is ready to proceed the mandabam(mall).

* The fire is lit in the center of the mandabam(mall) to invite the God of Fire(Agni) to witness the bonding of couple. The priest will say the holy lines called mantras in Sanskrit for blessing the couples. The wedding dresses will be issued to the bride and groom.

* After that there is a ritual called paatha pooja(Foot wash), The couple will wash their parent’s legs with milk. This is the symbol of thanks giving to their parents for giving love and care.

* After all these rituals a yellow rope called “Thaali” will be tied to the bride.

* The bride and groom walk seven steps together to signify their life journey through their existence. After the priest saying the mantra at each steps of seven step the couple says these words as promise to each other

1. To give respect and honor to each other thoughts.
2. To sharing each others joy and sorrow.
3. To trust and provide a constant support to each other.
4. To acquire knowledge and happiness by mutual love and trust.
5. To confirm their love of family duties and spiritual growth.
6. To be kind to all the living beings.
7. To protect the love and friendship existing forever.

The parents and relatives of bride and groom bless the married couple by dipping rice in the Turmeric water and sprinkling it over the couple.

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