“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange (1895-1965)

Going global, beyond gear. What’s that? A trend, photographers around the globe are swooning young couples by. Destination wedding is a given now, pre-wedding or wedding destination photography, is what wedding couples are pluming on, to put in the picture, their narrative, like a fairy tale. Superfluous it may sound to many, but those who live for fine things, will only cache on it luxuriously to acquaint their world with their tale.

Photographers are now aiming to build an experience of a life-time for the couples. They do not wish to just click and sell. Save the date, Join in on our big day, you’ll find an epiphany of these words, inscribed with the pre-wedding photography. Timeless, vibrant, expressive, a few of these words normally form a brief for the photographer who then plays his trick in the hat to deliver their marriage story through the pictures.

What’s nouveau is photographers are now upping their quotient with services that are unique, innovative and unheard of before. A Celebrity photographer, Xu in China, knows how his customers are totally bored by the monotonous offering in the luxury market and are always looking for the new. To cue in their exposure of the world, desire for elegance and to give them an experience to reckon with, he has molded varied packages. A trip to South Pole for 19 days, at a mere cost ranging between $95000 to $130000, combined with his prowess for wedding photography, is one such example.

He also offers a trip to Haiti, in a private jet, exclusively for wedding photography. If pre-wedding photography or wedding photography are a scoop, what the wedding attendees feel and tell, a photographer cannot miss to encapsulate. Photo-Booths with photographers, giving away a souvenir of captured pictures of the guest, has been a loved trend for long. Photographers have now added an effect even more special. The ‘slow motion’ video. Guests get their own three to five minutes recorded video, moments duly captivated and music added to the feel, all of this made possible using an infrared technology.

Be it – pre-wedding photography, wedding photography, innovative keepsakes, new ideography, destination photography – the photography trends globally are evolving every now and then. Photographers are now building services to influence young couples, who are seeking out of the blue, fresh, realistic, newer trends to convey their story through the lens. It’s not about click and sell anymore. It’s how you build experiences. And like we mentioned before photographers are leaving no stone unturned to make your wedding photography experience like never before. It is advisable before you hire your photographer, check out his or her photography. The variety, authenticity, creativity and if it all suits your taste then only hire that photographer.

Are you getting married anytime soon? If yes, what kind of wedding photography do you have in mind? If you are willing to splurge and want to make a wonderful memory of your wedding days, opt for these latest in trend photography.We have given you some.

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