Types of Indian Dresses

download (11)Hey all, since long time I didn’t post anything in my blog, so initially let me apologize for that. This post is about a unique country India. I hope everyone would have heard about this country, but after reading this post you may get more information which you don’t know about this place. What is more interesting about this country? Let me tell you there are many things that I can’t tell you in a single post. I will be concentrating more on this place, since I got to see great things about this place.

This post is all about the type of dresses that they Indians wear, firstly I want to tell you that India is not like other countries that do have same community of people who celebrate the same festival, who eat same food and wear same dress all over the country like the USA which has Christianity as the major religion and coat suit as their common dress. India is completely different; there are about 28 states in this country. Each state has their own language, and their own type of culture and their own dressing style.

Firstly traditional dressing of women:

  1. Saree: This is most common in India and also many other parts of the world where Indian live.
  2. Salwar Kameez: This type of dress can be found in north India.
  3. Ghagra Choli: This dress has a top and a bottom that resembles like the dress of western culture.
  4. Chudidaar kurta: This dress has a top like a gown and bottom looks like a pant.
  5. Mundum Neriyantham: this dress belongs to southern India especially to the state of Kerala.

Men’s traditional clothing:

  1. Dhoti: it is more common in india just like saree for women.
  2. Lungi: It is just a cloth that will be closed and we have wera it from the bottom till the waist. Some may use knot for this other sue belts.
  3. Sherwani: this dress is mostly used by north Indians, and it is widely used to wear it for marriages and other functions.

There are also many types of head gears like Dastar, Pheta, Mysore peta, Rajestani pagari, and many more depending on the states.

I have noticed that many Indians follow the western culture, since they do watch English movies. that made an impact on the Indians and they are now wearing the western dress like T shirts jeans and professionals use to wear coats like what we wear in USA.

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