Hello friends maybe the title would have made you wonder that this is a very tuff task. Most of us have known nuggets in the café and other restaurants but anyone have thought of making it at home. This is so simple that not only girls’ even boys will find it so easy to make this. Usually the present trend has seen that the youngsters love the cheesy dishes. Sweet corn is also winning the race but we are bored of making the same old steamed corn with some spices to it. This will really be a lovely snack to crunch on. I’ll go into the recipe of it. The things needed are

Cheese ½ cup
Sweet corn- your wish
Garlic paste- ½ teaspoon
Corn flour 2 tablespoons and salt to taste
Flour-6 tablespoons and bread crumbs
Oil for frying

The ingredients are so easy that you will get it all right at the kitchen any time. Now to the making part in a bowl mix the corn, cheese,
garlic paste, salt and corn flour. Make balls with this mixture. In another bowl make a batter with the flour; dip those balls in this
batter. Roll it evenly on the breadcrumbs which have been prepared and fry it golden brown. Your yummy cheese corn nuggets are ready to have with tomato ketchup. A very simple dish and easy to make and can experiment with different types of flavours suiting our needs. Try this simple dish out and enjoy for yourself folks.

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